Acquiring Established Businesses with potential

for considerable Growth

Our target market is highly profitable established Healthcare Businesses with untapped potential for further growth of both profits and value. We intend to invest in and support the management team and staff to enhance their ability to improve the experience of the clients

Founded with a vision to forge long-lasting relationships, our key to success is understanding what our portfolio companies need to accelerate growth, and how we can propel them

We take a unique approach to understand that previous owners are dedicated to their business, employees and clients, which allows us to capture the experience and dedication that has been put into the company. As the new owner we are able to invest in the healthcare company to ensure:

• Increased level of training for the management and staff

• An improvement in the experience for the clients

• Higher CQC ratings that stay high

• Increased profits that are sustainable over the long term

The Benjamyn James Group is committed to the time-honoured tradition of portfolio strength, long term partnerships, and sustainable growth. Our success is a product of its unique philosophy.

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